The Love of Animals

When we heard that someone’s wish was to have a rabbit, we hopped right on it! Eleanor has always loved rabbits and she has always wanted one of her own. Our Executive Director, Patrick, thought it would be a great idea to grant this wish. Our Community Life Department went to the local pet shelter and adopted an adorable rabbit. Eleanor was so excited to meet our new addition! She loves her rabbit visits and so do we!


  1. Posted on 10/30/18 by Debbie Royal

    When I saw this ‘wish’ about having a rabbit…I HAD to respond! Though I don’t yet know if I’ll end up at St. Andrew’s, I did want to get my very own bunny! My daughter had a bunny for 11 years, his name was “Folly”, he was my “Grand-bunny” and he was quite special. We were all very sad when he passed away, but he gave her 11 years of love and cuddles and those special bunny kisses. I was fond of those bunny kisses when I was able to travel back to LA for visits. At any rate, when I get to an assisted living facility I hope my “bunny wish” can come to pass.

    • Posted on 10/31/18 by Darlene Winslet

      Hi Debbie,

      I hope your wish comes true!!!

  2. Posted on 10/30/18 by Debbie Royal

    P.S. I want to get another “Folly” bunny…he was a dwarf lop ear bunny and an adorable little creature. Just had to add that to my previous comment.

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