Skydiving on an Extraordinary Excursion!

The Springs and The Inn neighborhoods went on an Extraordinary Excursion to iFly, an indoor skydiving event center! Everyone received personalized coaching prior to their bodyflight. Check out the attached photos and videos of this exhilarating excursion!

Alta skydiving
Alta Beren, from The Springs having a once in a lifetime experience being able to fly high at iFly !

Eleanor skydiving
Eleanor Bradley, from The Inn having an amazing time doing a bucket list activity, skydiving!

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  1. Posted on 10/13/18 by Alta Beren

    Well it was the most fun I’ve ever had in my 73 years thank you so much watermark Alta. I am giving this as a present to my family and friends for Christmas. It was that much fun I hope that we do this another time I’m ready!

  2. Posted on 10/20/18 by Marla Rapley

    So fun watching this video Alta!!! Love seeing that smile! All the best from South Carolina!!

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