Fashion Week at St. Andrew’s Village

St. Andrew’s Village enjoyed 3 days of all things FASHION. We had a speaker who talked about Africa and its influence on fashion, and a speaker who talked about famous French fashion houses. There was a fashion display where staff and residents brought in items they make room for in their closet (or closets in some cases)! One staff member brought a shoe collection of over 100 pairs of shoes. A husband and wife couple brought all types of jerseys and clothing with their favorite sports team logos… but they support rival teams! One resident collects buttons, some being over a century old, and a staff member brought handmade traditional gowns from her native country of Ethiopia. The kitchen prepared an elegant dinner and residents were encouraged to dress to impress for the occasion. We ended the week with Couture Chez Vous, a mobile pop-up boutique, where residents and staff could shop and update their summer wardrobe. Residents from all of our neighborhoods volunteered to be models and modeled clothing from the boutique in our fashion show. It was a lot of fun to see and learn about just what fashion means to different people and cultures.

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