In Honor of International Orangutan Day!

August 19th is International Orangutan Day! We are showing our support of these amazing and critically endangered red apes by sharing our “Welcome Cerah” shower, thrown for Denver Zoo’s infant orangutan, born to mom Nias and dad Berani on Sunday, March 25th. We threw a lovely shower, including decorations, gifts for Cerah and her family as well as an informational talk provided to us by Denver Zoo Great Apes Keepers.

Cerah's Welcome Shower
This video was taken during the shower we held for infant Sumatran orangutan, Cerah. The whole family is in the video: Mom-Nias, Dad-Berani and older sister-Hesty.

Baby orangutans have the best hair!
See mom Nias holding infant Sumatran orangutan, Cerah!

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