Go Karting Adventure

Residents in The Inn, our Assisted Living neighborhood put on jump suits, strapped on helmets and sped around the track in go karts at Unser Karting! We started the day with a tour of some of the Unser family’s old go karts, then watched a video with clips of past races and news commentaries. Next we got an instructional course on driving the karts, safety, and what the different flags mean. And then the race was on! Everyone was instructed to take the first lap slow to get used to the kart, but as the drivers rounded the last curve, the green flag was waved giving the drivers the go ahead to step on the gas! Residents got to do a few laps before coming back to the pit to let the next heat go, then they headed out for one more race. After the races, we all sat down to enjoy lunch together and talked about what it was like to be behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle again. Many of the participants indicated that they never thought they would drive again. Those who chose not to drive were excited to watch the race and cheer on their friends. This adventure provided a liberating opportunity and truly let our residents thrive.

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