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August 23, 2017

Google+ Review – A Fantastic Community

This is a fantastic place with fantastic people! They truly made sure my mom was very well taken care of from the start. She was able to: * Meet people and have an ambassador to help her get to know [the community] * Stay a night and try it out * Dine with the guests and […]

Review by Michael Elkins

August 23, 2017 Review – Great Food & Abundant Activities for Mom

The location is good, and the facilities and activities are as well. St. Andrew’s Village has everything my mom needs. She can go from independent to assisted to full time nursing care. The food is very good as well as the surroundings.

Review by Caring97059850

August 23, 2017 Review – The Perfect Location

St Andrews Village was newer, nicer and the location was perfect. They also had rehab there. They have enough assistance for mom to qualify for her long-term care insurance — the others I was referred to did not. She’s in assisted living with additional supplemental care. One thing I liked about it: It’s not as […]

Review by By Judy90815950

August 23, 2017

SeniorAdvisor Review – Beautiful Building & Friendly Staff

They have a rehab center as well as long term nursing care. It is really nice. A girlfriend of mine was in there for rehab a couple of times. The aesthetics of the building and professionalism of the staff are outstanding. They’ll stop and talk to anyone, and take time to help you. The meal […]

Review by Friend